The Music Recording Industry


This website focuses on the evolution of the recording industry as we know it, thanks to the current trend that the music world is following. That trend is one of the declining profitability of recorded music and the increasing value of live music. You will learn about and, more importantly, learn how to learn more about the "Big Four" Record Labels…

…as they try to either embrace or reverse that trend.

You'll also learn about the major organization of the industry:

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA),

…and its constant activity on the legal front. As you'll discover, the RIAA has many enemies.

Lastly, since the landscape of the industry is changing, this website covers the next big thing in the recording and music industry in general:

Live Nation.

This company is steadily taking over the entire industry, as it dominates the live music scene and is also developing a presence in the recording aspect of the industry.

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