Background On The Recording Industry

This website's title may be a misnomer. The music recording industry as we know it is in turmoil.

You should first visit this website to get an idea of the history of the technology behind the music recording industry. Sure, we're business people and try to leave the technology and useful stuff to those engineers, but in order to understand the direction of the industry, it's essential to understand how the music has been recorded and how it will be captured in the future. This does also give an idea of the industry's progression through the time.

The Major Players

(for an overview of each of these companies and the RIAA, please see the side menu.)

The Pain in the Consumer's Neck

The Next Big Thing

Here are some additional websites and studies on the state of the industry as a whole that I have found for your information.

And if your eyes get tired of the computer screen, here's a a highly recommended book.
(Who am I kidding? It's the 21st century. If you have a Ross Login, you can sign in and view the entire thing online.)

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