RSS & The Recording Industry

RSS: Rich Site Summary. Really Simple Syndication. RDF Site Summary. This blog will cover how useful I have found RSS to be to my topic of the recording industry and my insights on RSS in general.

I've been enthralled by the concept of RSS ever since I first learned about it in BIT 200. What a great idea: make the internet and your computer work for you! However, to this day, I can't bring myself to use it for my everyday purposes. There's just something about the formatting - rather, the lack thereof - that gets me. I prefer going to MGoBlog and seeing the familiar maize-and-blue formatting, or reading the seemingly unique New York Times font. Yes, it's true that I can still use the reader as a single "launching point" for all of my sites, and I could just click each link to take me to actual sites. I just don't feel like it. Must be that old Michigan tradition-loving sense in me.

For the purposes of this project, however, I've found RSS to be quite useful.

I started out using RSS to keep myself updated on relevant music industry blogs: "Recording Indsutry vs. the People, [The Music Industry Report, and more. This was useful enough. These sites are updated often enough and in enough different ways to warrant using RSS.

It wasn't until I created the "four major players" section of my project, though, that I realized a more useful value of RSS, for my purposes. These four major record labels have tons of news that comes out - both useful for business and consumer purposes. That is, you can find tons of feeds for Sony, Universal, EMI, and Warner. For my project, I'm going to keep it simple: strictly press release - related feeds. But there are tons of feeds that everyday music fans can use. It took some time for me to figure out how to weed out the "non-industry" related feeds (which release new music videos from artists every few hours).

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