Here is a short demonstration of the most important features of OneRiot. Note: I placed turquoise ovals on the images to emphasize particularly significant aspects of the search engine; be aware that they are not part of the screenshots.

I'll start off with OneRiot's "home screen."


Note the list of "trending topics" by the search box. Typical Realtime.

I decided to search Lupe Fiasco, one of my favorite current rappers, who is relevant to realtime search because he is currently in between albums; this is when song leaks and other "breaking news"-type events generally occur. I didn't do much with search syntax here because of the nature of realtime search. That is, if I were to get too fancy with "OR" and searching for exact phrases, I might not get good results, because everyday realtime information users probably use more general terms.


A few things to note here:

  • These results are currently sorted by "pulse" and not "realtime." I'll discuss the differences below.
  • There is a result that is simply "latest tweets for" the query.

Now see the results sorted by "Realtime."


Note that there are a few different results. The bottom one that I highlighted seems pretty irrelevant. In general, "Pulse" vs. "Realtime" sorting can be viewed as the equivalent of Google's sorting by "Relevance" vs. "Date."

Here's a zoomed in image of one full result.


You can share results you find. Also note the "first shared by" information - it's almost like a reward. Realtime information breakers have some incentive to be the first for the recognition.

Even if you're not first, you can still tweet a result you find particularly significant (or, if you're an annoying tweeter, you can tweet everything you click):


Aaand, twitter is over capacity. Give me a break.

Check out some relevant applications that OneRiot uses in conjunction with such programs as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, Facebook, Myspace, and more:


OneRiot's video search is nothing special. Again, though, since it is a realtime search engine, it gives you the most recent and hottest results first. Proof:


The video results are essentially the corresponding videos to the web search results - in this case, videos of the latest Lupe Fiasco freestyle, "All the Way Turnt Up.""

This concludes the demonstration portion of the analysis of OneRiot. Click here for the next step, a full analysis of OneRiot.

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