Sony Music Entertainment Overview

Sony Music Entertainment is the second-biggest member of the Big Four. It has been relatively quiet on the news front, save for its equity involvement with Vevo. It is sometimes still referred to as "Sony BMG," which is the name it took for a couple of years after its 2004 joint venture with Bertelsmann Music Group; before the merger, Bertelsmann made it "the Big Five" rather than "the Big Four." However, Sony acquired 50% of Bertelsmann in August of 2008 and the new, large brand returned back to its "Sony Music Entertainment" moniker.

Market Share

Sony Music Entertainment has 25% of the current overall music sales (downloaded, cd and otherwise) market.

Major sub-groups

* Columbia Records
* Epic Records
* Legacy Recordings
* Burgundy Records
* RCA/Jive Label Group
* Provident Music Group
* RED Distribution
* Sony Nashville
* Sony Masterworks
* Sony Music International Companies

One notable record label that is under a major subdivision (RCA/Jive) is Arista Records

Here's the complete list of all record labels in the UMG family.

Here's a list of websites that you should read up on for more background on Sony:



Major Artists

John Legend


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