Warner Music Group Overview

Warner Music Group is the 3rd leading record label of the big four.

There are two main ways in which it has distinguished itself from the other labels is by a) not signing a deal (yet) with Vevo and b) by signing a deal with Hulu.

You'll notice that most of the news about Warner revolves around a possible merger with EMI. These rumors have actually been around for years now, but they have heated up since the recent pullback in management that EMI's primary investor, Terra Firma, has executed.

Market Share

Sony Music Entertainment has 21% of the current overall music sales (downloaded, cd and otherwise) market.

Major sub-groups

  • Atlantic Records Group
  • Warner Bros. Records Inc.
  • Rhino Entertainment
  • Independent Label Group
  • WEA International Inc.

Here's the complete list of all record labels in the UMG family.

Here's a list of websites that you should read up on for more background on Warner:



Major Artists

Red Hot Chili Peppers


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