Page Monitors

Not everything has an RSS feed, and sometimes, it's nicer to have things emailed to you.

I first decided to create you an email address with all of the different alerts and monitors I created. I realized, however, that it would be unwise to disclose an email address and password on the internet, no matter the use of the address. So, you can give me a call or shoot me an email so I can give you the password. The email address is moc.liamg|tsylanayrtsudnicisum#moc.liamg|tsylanayrtsudnicisum.

Here are some suggested e-mail alerts for you.

E-Mail Alerts

There are 5 main e-mail alerts that I suggest for you to stay on top of each respective company. The format:

  • [query], desired frequency of email

Google News

Google Blog Search

There are some specific sites that do not have RSS Feeds, and there are a few ways around it. You can create a Dapp , which is essentially an "artificial" or focused RSS feed. Or, you could try making a Yahoo! Pipe. I found that the easiest and most effective way to do it is through a page monitor at I set them up for the Universal Music Group Press Release Page, Warner's Official News Page, and EMI's news page. Sony's website is entirely flash, so I couldn't get that to work; I did, however, manage to find an RSS Feed for them.

I also couldn't find an RSS feed for the ever-useful CNET News searches. However, Google Blog Search got me to a convenient CNET listing of all pages related to UMG. So, I created a page monitor for that and, in the link, substituted each Big Four Member for "Universal+Music+Group" to create four neat page monitors. One other way to do this would be to create an e-mail alert for a google blog search with the query "universal music group.

I highly suggest that you use all of the above alternative change notification tools.

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