So: you need to immerse yourself in the music recording industry. Fast.

You've come to the right place. This Q&A is going to show you how to learn everything about the industry that you could care to know, and more.

  1. You'll want some background on the industry. For that, go to my background section, where you'll find, in addition to my own analysis, very useful links that will teach you quicly the current state of the recording industry.
  2. You'll want to learn specifically about each major player: My overviews of each member of the big four, plus the RIAA and Live Nation, are on the side menu to your left. They also provide key links that are specific to each respective player.
  3. You'll want to learn what these companies have been up to for the past few weeks. To do that, check out my [ weekly news] sections, listed in the top menu, for each respective organization. This page contains all of the above sections placed on one page for your convenience.
  4. Now - this is the most important part - you're going to want to figure out how to stay up to speed on the topic for yourself. For that, first check out my Key Sources pages. These sites, blogs, Feeds, page monitors, and e-mail alerts are what I have found to be the most essential in staying on top of the music industry.
  5. Be sure to check out each web resource analysis that I have made. Here, I analyze each web resource that I used, useful or not. Use the ones that I deem useful; avoid the ones that I do not.

I trust that you will use and extend my blogroll (with tons of RSS Feeds) and recommended page monitors to the fullest.

More Notes

  • Another part of staying on top of the music industry is to find out any new sites that may have appeared. In order to do this, I highly recommend using the Mahalo directory. It has much more content that is relevant to the industry than Yahoo's directory search.] This Mahalo search should keep you up-to-speed on any new blog, site, or even video that comes up that is relevant for you.
  • Don't forget my Custom Search Engine!

Good luck! Feel free to email me with any more questions. Or, just visit How Can I Find It and browse the multitude of web tools that the site analyzes.

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