Web Resource Analysis: Page Monitors & Alerts

Page Monitors

Page monitors don't seem that useful, given the fact that they are quite outdated and in general replaced by RSS. However, for whatever reason, I could not find RSS feeds for some very important aspects of the industry: specifically, the press releases from the Big Four, and the RIAA's "news room." I decided to use Watch That Page, because it's free for any number of pages.

Watch That Page

  • Access: http://www.watchthatpage.com
  • Frequency: 0 (as in, I never had to go out of my way to access it)
  • Information: I created email alerts for press releases from Universal, Sony, Warner, and EMI, as well as whatever news the RIAA felt like delivering.
  • Query: No query, simply copying and pasting links into WatchThatPage's box (after signing up, of course).
  • Evaluation: 10
  • Miscellaneous: See my Suggested Page Monitors page to see exactly how I used Watch That Page.

Google News Alerts

  • Access: http://www.news.google.com/
  • Frequency: 0 (as in, I never had to go out of my way to access it)
  • Information: Eventually, instead of going back and accessing Google News, I created weekly alerts for searches. So the content I got back was mostly news articles on the Big Four and the RIAA, with commentary from newspapers, tech websites, entertainment websites, and blogs sprinkled in.
  • Query: The same queries for Google News searches.
  • Evaluation: 10
  • Miscellaneous: Email alerts are far more useful than you think. Key advice: do not make them daily.


  • Access: http://www.feedrinse.com
  • Frequency: Whenever I found a feed that needed rinsing. Usually once per week.
  • Information: See (link RSS Feeds)
  • Query: I made a lot of modifications to more general Feeds I had, such as Hypebot. I set it to allow posts that included such terms as Vevo, RIAA, Myspace, "music industry" (and other variations of that phrase), or every member of the big four.
  • Evaluation: 8
  • Miscellaneous: I like this tool a lot. I went back at the end of the semester and rinsed the feeds further for your convenience; for instance, I've blocked specific RIAA Feeds that include terms like "gold," "platinum" and other album-related terms.
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