Web Resource Analysis: Blog Search

Blogs proved to be the most useful source of opinions in the music industry. This makes sense because the music industry is one that reaches such a vast number of people, and blogs are the medium through which anyone can communicate. That said, however, the best blogs I found turned out to be written by experts on the industry, including professors and top market researchers.

Google Blog Search

  • Access: http://blogsearch.google.com/
  • Frequency: 5324
  • Information: I used this mostly for commentary on the goings on of the music recording industry. RIAA-induced anger, Big Four-induced amusement, etc. However, it returned many similar results to news searches as well. There are plenty of blogs that report and then comment on news stories (such as Vevo).
  • Query: I used this article from class 06 and got a great search syntax term from the author's "Most useful advanced search option" table: [inblogtitle]. It returned some extremely relevant results. My specific query: [inblogtitle:"music industry" OR "recording industry"].
  • Evaluation: 9


  • Access: http://www.technorati.com/
  • Frequency: 5324
  • Information: See Google Blog Search.
  • Query: More complex searches did not help here. I used simple ones like [universal music group] and [RIAA OR "recording industry association of america"] to get my desired results.
  • Evaluation: 7
  • Miscellaneous: I did find Technorati's "blog summary" page particularly useful and distinctive from Google. When I searched for a blog and clicked a result, I was taken to a Technorati-specific summary of that blog. It's very useful for finding out whether the source is relevant without having to explore the blog itself. I was somewhat disappointed by the "search for blogs vs. posts" option that Technorati offered. I suppose there are just not very many blogs that center on the respective members of the Big Four.
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