Web Resource Analysis: Directory Search

Yahoo Directory

  • Access: http://www.dir.yahoo.com
  • Frequency: A few times, early on.
  • Information: I used this mostly to get a good base of sites to go to. In doing so, I discovered a few very helpful ones, along with a few with titles or descriptions that would imply relevance, but did not.
  • Query: ["music industry" OR "recording industry" OR "music business"] gave me some very valuable blogs and sites that have become part of my main diet, such as [[www.fmqb.com Friday Morning Quarterback]] and [MP3 Newswire.
  • Evaluation: 6
  • Miscellaneous: Though I got some useful stuff out of it, it took a lot of manipulating and browsing. A lot of the directory categories are misleading, like "Music Organizations > Professional."


  • Access: http://www.newsisfree.com
  • Frequency: A few times early on; then, I added a feed to my reader.
  • Information: NewsIsFree delivers all kinds of news results, but I was looking specifically for music industry results.
  • Query: I browsed the directory to "music" and searched for most "news"-related feeds. The most promising ones, Mi2N and Glens Falls Rock, turned out to be duds.
  • Evaluation: 5
  • Miscellaneous: NewsIsFree might be more valuable for other topics; it just seems to be relatively unhelpful for the music industry as my report covers it. There is an abundance of useful links for aspiring musicians, fans of particular artists or labels, and more, but not much in the way of "industry-wide" information that I'm looking for.


  • Access: www.mahalo.com
  • Frequency: 1-2 times per week
  • Information: Mahalo returns all kinds of results: Links, news, blogs, images, videos, tweets, products and even answers to anything you want to know.
  • Query: [music industry;] [universal music group]
  • Evaluation: 9
  • Miscellaneous: This is an extremely valuable resource. Not only does it provide the most relevant sources on the topic, but it also does it in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Mahalo, dude.
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