Web Resource Analysis: Real Time Search


  • Access: www.topsy.com
  • Frequency: Updated constantly
  • Information: Returns "Most tweeted links for (your query) this week/month/day." Gives the most useful links by giving the most retweeted/sent ones.
  • Query: [music industry]
  • Evaluation: 5
  • Miscellaneous: This simply depends on when you access it. For instance, I decided to access Topsy just now. (Vevo has just launched.) I found an incredibly useful result, posted hours ago, that reveals something that news, blogs, and other resources won't show for another few hours. See below.

However, for the most part, Real Time search is not going to be useful unless you need to know the absolute latest. Even if that is the case, real time is not that great, because you're learning (mostly) from tweets and other less-credible sources.

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