RSS Feed Evaluation

RSS is most useful for keeping tabs on the specific labels in the industry. I'm going to formally evaluate only the good complex feeds that I found, and provide brief explanations for why the bad ones were so. I'm also not going to go into much detail about the respective "google blog search" Feeds, because they are very similar and provide pretty standard content.

  • Access:
  • Frequency: Updated multiple times per day.
  • Information: Plenty of information about the biggest players in the industry, including the Big Four,
  • Query: This was straight from the website (not a feed that I searched for), but I did modify it using FeedRinse (go here for information on how I modified my Feeds).
  • Evaluation: 8
  • Miscellaneous: Consistently relevant results that also had its fair share of analysis of news stories, such as Apple's acquisition of Lala.

The Bad

Music Industry Newswire

  • This blog turned out to return more technology-related results than I'd like. Nothing about the industry on the whole and very, very little on the big players. This is one to avoid, despite its encouraging name.

Pop & Hiss

The Straightforward

These are either press releases, feeds of official sites ("News RSS"), google news searches, or google blog searches for respective organizations. They return pretty standard results.

RIAA Google News Search

Sony Music Entertainment Press Releases

Sony Google Blog Search


WMG Google Blog Search

UMG Google Blog Search

EMI Group News RSS

Live Nation Google News Search

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