These are quite valuable resources on tracking the evolution of the industry. They not only break news, but provide extremely valuable commentary on the news as well.

The Music Industry Report

Aside from having an accurate, informative and boring title, The Music Industry Report provides both news and opinions about the recording industry. For your convenience, from its "About Us" section:

With all the hundreds of music websites that are online. [sic] This is the site that brings them all together for the reader that wants to stay in the loop.

Future of Music

Apparently, the future of music is balding and slightly creepy.

Again with the accurate titles. This blog is written by David Kusek (above), Vice President at Berklee College of Music - so it has considerable credibility. It has content related to both the industry and the art of making music as well; check out the "industrry will be going in the future.

Music Industry Newswire

Self-explanatory. A newswire on the music industry. For your convenience: a link within the site to Music Industry Headlines.

Music Industry Blog

Man, these titles are extremely similar. Anyway, Mark Mulligan is extremely well-written and extremely enthusiastic about the music industry, and it shows in his blog. I find it to be an enjoyable, informative and reliable source of information and opinions on the industry.

This blog doesn't consistently talk about the music industry per se, but when it does, it is on point.

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